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The Japanese Journal of Population, , No.1 (March 2012)



<< Part 1: Family and Household Changes in Japan: National Surveys in 2008 and 2009 >>


NISHIOKA, Hachiro, Masakazu YAMAUCHI, Yasuyo KOYAMA, Yoshimi CHITOSE, Saori KAMANO, Keita SUGA, and Atsushi HOSHI "The Family Changes in Contemporary Japan: Overview of the Results of the Fourth National Survey on Family in Japan (2008)"


NISHIOKA, Hachiro, Toru SUZUKI, Yasuyo KOYAMA, Masato SHIMIZU, Masakazu YAMAUCHI, and Keita SUGA "Household Changes in Contemporary Japan: Overview of the Results of the Sixth National Survey on Household Changes in Japan (2009)"



<< Part 2: Comparative Study on Family Demographic Changes and Family Policies in Eastern Asia >>


SUZUKI, Toru "Low Fertility and Governmental Intervention in Japan and Korea"


CHEN, Yu-Hua "Trends in Low Fertility and Policy Responses in Taiwan"


JONES, Gavin "Late Marriage and Low Fertility in Singapore: The Limits of Policy"



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