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The Japanese Journal of Population, Vol.7, No.1 (March 2009)



<< Part 1:Population Projections for Japan:(II) >>


KANEKO, Ryuichi, Akira ISHIKAWA, Futoshi ISHII, Tsukasa SASAI, Miho IWASAWA, Fusami MITA, and Rie MORIIZUMI "Commentary to Population Projections for Japan - A Supplement to Report of the 2006 Revision -"



<< Part 2:Fertility Decline and Governmental Interventions in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan >>



SUZUKI, Toru "Fertility Decline and Governmental Interventions in Eastern Asian Advanced Countries"



LEE, Sam-Sik "Low Fertility and Policy Responses in Korea"



LEE, Meilin "Transition to Below Replacement Fertility and Policy Response in Taiwan"



<< Data and Trends >>


SUZUKI, Toru "The Latest Development in Population of Japan"



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