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The Japanese Journal of Population, Vol.4, No.1 (March 2006)



SUZUKI, Toru, gFertility Decline and Policy Development in Japanh


SATO, Ryuzaburo, and Miho IWASAWA, gContraceptive Use and Induced Abortion in Japan:@How Is It So Unique among the Developed Countries?h




<<International Migration and Social Policies>>


Introduction to the Special Feature on International Migration and Social Policies


TAKENOSHITA, Hirohisa, gThe Differential Incorporation into Japanese Labor Market: A Comparative Study of Japanese Brazilians and Professional Chinese Migrantsh


KOJIMA, Hiroshi, gForeign Workers and Health Insurance in Japan: The Case of Japanese @@



CHITOSE, Yoshimi, gDemographic Profiles of Brazilians and Their Children in Japanh


KOJIMA, Hiroshi, gVariations in Demographic Characteristics of Foreign eMuslimf @

Population in Japan: A Preliminary Estimationh


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